When transferring property, you need a civil engineer for an energy performance certificate (EPC) and an engineer’s certificate, and for the settlement of any unauthorised building work in accordance with current legislation. For every transfer of real estate, the Ministry of the Environment and Energy requires an engineer to certify that there are no unauthorised structures.

In addition, our team can collect all the paperwork that the civil engineer needs for the certification:

  • Copy of the building permit
  • Topographic plan
  • Architectural plans approved by the planning office (plans, elevations, sections)
  • Title deeds
  • Evidence and documents showing that unauthorised buildings have been legalised
  • Sworn statement from the owner

The engineer’s certification is accompanied by a topographic plan based on the state system, in cases where this is required.

Certification is required from an engineer for all real estate, with or without construction, and protects the buyer and the owner of the property from the contract being cancelled because of structures which the owner might not realise are unauthorised or illegal. Certification from an engineer is also mandatory for the transfer of land and residential property.

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